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Empowering women to make their decisions.

We Feel that information is power. This site is for your power, over your body, your decisions, and your health.

In Todays hyper charged environment for the fight for women’s rights, The New battle ground is Information. Or in this case Misinformation. Sites have been setup to ply those seeking information with false, or misleading information.

The whole point of this site is to give those seeking information, medical-grade information. This site is without judgement, without lectures, without shame. Its information, so you may make as an informed decision as you can about YOUR situation and HOW Things work.


This site is the product of medical professionals from around the world, it includes specific information, while it reserves the right to say it is NOT your doctor. The medical information is correct, and we will strive to keep it clearly marked for your education.

While not a political or religious viewpoint, we will keep you informed about political or religious news as it pertains to the subject. Our goal here is simple. Medically Correct information, in a judgement free zone. Empowering women to make their decisions.

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Find health centers that provide abortion care and get the information you need to schedule an appointment.

Judgement FREE Zone

Just the facts and education for women to make the choices that are right for them. No judgements done here. 

Medical Grade Information

It’s real articles by real doctors and pharmacists. Actual information regarding medical facts that give you the freedom to make choices unhindered.

Not politically or religiously biased

We’re not aligned with any political parties or religions here on this site. We’re here for the women of the world to educate around choices in either direction.

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