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A collective of Health professionals from around the world, we are Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Health care professionals that believe in your right to knowledge, Your right to have control over your body, and the right to be free to make your own decisions.

We maintain our anonymity for your safety and ours. But recognize that quality information should not be hidden. And so this site is where you can find out important and powerful information regarding medical abortions, the how and what, and information keeping you safe, and your body under your control.

Your decision is yours, we are simply here to support you, here at Medically Safe Abortions, in your quest for knowledge.

Teresa Leberknight

Pharm.D. Registered Pharmacist, Senior Medical Writer, Project Manager at Nature Pure LLC

Teresa Leberknight
I am Dr. Teresa Leberknight.  I am a registered pharmacist with licenses through the years in three different states, Idaho, Texas, and New Mexico.  

I went to school and got my doctorate from Idaho State University in 1999. I have a Pharm.D. and am also an RPh currently.

I have certifications in Immunizations, Smoking Cessation, Emergency Contraceptives, UTI management, as well as having done my residency in Drug Information.  

I am deeply committed to women’s rights to manage their own bodies for their safety and wellbeing.  (Actually I am committed to all peoples rights to manage their own bodies for safety and wellbeing.)

I have long had an interest in drug information, how medications work, how they interact with each other, how they help, and how they cause harm.  I have taught labs for pharmacy students to help them understand what to look for in viable drug studies as well as what to look for from pharmaceutical companies and studies that indicate the information/studies is not well researched or executed.  

When I was first getting started I worked with Idaho Poison Control, and moved on to ambulatory care, rural pharmacy, hospital and community pharmacy, as well as retail. In addition to this I have been a consultant pharmacist since 2015 in my off time.

I now focus specifically on consultant pharmacy, helping Doctors and Patients find common ground to improve patient health.  I continue to be fascinated in drug information topics and writing about what I learn regarding nutrition, supplements, medicine, and drug topics.

In my personal life I am happily married to an amazing man.  We are raising a strong intelligent daughter, while often working from home during the pandemic.  We have an adorable dog, a velcro cat, and several super friendly chickens to keep us entertained when I am not talking on the phone or having zoom meetings with patients and Doctors. 

M. Shaheryar Khan

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan

M. Shaheryar Khan

I’m M. Shaheryar Khan, a medical doctor-to-be. I’m currently pursuing my MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) degree at King Edward Medical University, the most prestigious and historic medical school in the country.

After finishing my pre-medical studies at high school, I joined King Edward in 2017 with an ambition to become a health professional. I am currently enrolled in the MBBS program and will graduate as a doctor by the year 2022.

I have done clinical rotations in medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry, cardiology, otorhinolaryngology, and pediatrics. I’ve also completed an internship at the Department of Psychiatry, Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Pharmacology and Psychiatry are two subjects that I have a special interest in. I regularly attend seminars, webinars, conferences, and lectures regarding these two as well as other subjects in the vast medical field.

My current focus in studies is that I keep myself up-to-date with the latest research and also with the evolving health, medical, and mental health industry. That’s the reason why I have been a medical content writer for the past year too because it helps me discover, learn, and practice the latest knowledge that is being implemented all around the world.

When I graduate, I want to grow in multiple dimensions that include doing medical specializations of course, as well as establishing a business, pioneering a comprehensive parenting education program, making efforts regarding an exemplary educational institution, and studying neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, and philosophy in detail.

Outside work and academics, I enjoy a lot of hobbies. Creative writing and literature are my life-savers. In my free time, I do sports, especially cricket, I’m a decent photographer too, and all I want is to wander, travel, and hike wherever I can. I love to hang out, make new friends, talk and debate about ideas, and help people wherever I can.





I am a passionate Scientific Researcher and Medical Content Writer. I have done  graduation in Bio-Sciences and hold Masters in Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology. I  also love to teach students Biology at all levels. 


  • MS – Bio Chemistry & Molecular Biology (06/2021)
    • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
    • CGPA – 3.56
    • Research Work: Genetics analysis of m6A mod in CVD
  • BS – Bio Sciences (06/2019)
    • COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad
    • CGPA – 3.71
    • Research Work: Genetic Analysis of Eye Cataract
    • Internship at Military Hospital as Lab Assistant
  • HSSC – Pre Medical (College) (06/2014)
    • KIPS College, Lahore
    • Grades: A+
  • SSC – Pre Medical (School) (06/2012)
    • FFMS, Pind Dadan Khan
    • Grades: A+


  1. Medical Content Writer (01/2021 – till date) Level-2 Seller at Fiverr with 5-star rating  
  2. Medical Research (01/2021 – till date) Level-2 Seller at Fiverr with 5-star rating 
  3. Online Biology & Chemistry Tutoring (06/2021 – till date) Number of satisfied students across the world 
  4. MS Office , MS Word , MS Power Point , MS Excel


  1. Certified Assistant Lab Attendant (2019) Military Hospital, Rawalpindi 


  1. Tracking – I love to hike mountain trails  
  2. Sigh Seeing – I love traveling to places with scenic beauty
  3. Physical Workout – I cannot live without Gym 

Fatima Tariq


Fatima Tariq


As Fatima Tariq, I graduated from King Edward Medical College with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree. In 2018, I graduated from college.

I work as a doctor in a world-class facility in my country. Writing medical and health-related blogs/articles is what I’m most proficient at.

From an early age, we all have a passion for something. When I am alone, I enjoy curling up with a good book and escaping from the stresses of school and work. My favorite pastime is reading. Reading books is the finest way to learn new things and expand your horizons. Additionally, my love for reading has aided in the development of my linguistic skills. As soon as I pick up a book, I immerse myself in a world of my creation and imagination.

Because I’m always envisioning what’s going on in the tale, reading thrillers and adventure stories will let me explore that world of mystery and intrigue. Consequently, my favorite pastime of reading books has helped me learn more about the language, cultivate noble and idealistic ideas, and much more.

Throughout my life, I’ve relied on the guidance of inspirational and educational books to keep me on the right road toward my ultimate objective. By reading books, I’m able to stay up to speed on the world around me. A person who can comprehend anything will be able to reach their goals more quickly, and books are helping me do this.

Loneliness has never been a problem for me since I live in a world of literature. As a youngster, books were my best friend, and I can still feel the beneficial effects they have on me.


  • Content Writing
  • Strong communication
  • Medical Blogs and Articles writing
  • Positive and professional
  • Microsoft Office
  • Record preparation


  • M.D. Mayo Hospital Lahore Lahore, Pakistan
    September 2019 – Current
    • Ordered diagnostic studies to support clinical treatment plans.
    • Collaborated with clinical team to develop and oversee patient care plan.
    • Counseled patients to encourage informed choices, shared decision-making, and right to self-determination
    • Delivered high-quality compassionate care to optimize health and wellness for diverse patient populations


  • MBBS
    King Edward Medical College Lahore. Lahore, Pakistan
    August 2018


  • English
  • Urdu

Dr. Moin Iqbal

Dr. Moin Iqbal


I am Dr. Moin Iqbal. I studied at Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical Collège Mirpur and did my graduated after 5 years of study. I got my MBBS degree from the University of Health and Sciences Lahore Pakistan. After graduation, I started my House Job for one year.

Writing about medicine and health has been my passion since medical school. I have written various articles about Medical, health, and fitness; Mental Health, Psychological Issues relationship problems; Lifestyle, beauty, skincare, haircare, Obesity, Diet plan, Weight Loss, Medical marijuana, weed, and Cannabis, Surgery, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Psychiatry, Sexual health, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and Pharmacology. 

I love traveling, I have been to various tourist places in my country. Exploring nature is my passion. On my trips, I prefer to do hiking as well. 

I’m also a great sportsman. I used to play different games like cricket, football. Volleyball, table tennis, and badminton.


  • Register Medical Practitioner (RMP, PMC)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Advanced Trauma Life support (ATLS)


  • General Physician
  • Medical Content writer
  • FreeLancer

Dr. Muhammad Fakhar-I-Adil

Dr. Muhammad Fakhar-I-Adil


I have done my graduation and M.Phil. in Histology, Anatomy and Embryology from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

Doctor of Philosophy PhD Medical and Health Sciences, Reproductive Medicine

Currently, Ph.D. fellow in the Ghent-Fertility and Stem cell Team (G-FAST), Ghent University Hospital, Belgium

I have also served as a junior embryologist at Islamabad Clinic Serving Infertile Couples (ICSI) Multan. Since 2018. Recently, I have got a fully-funded Ph.D. scholarship from Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan to work on In vitro gametogenesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Björn Heindryckx and Dr. Annekatrien Boel.

Fertility preservation is offered to patients facing fertility threatening treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy for cancer. Within this context, oocytes or/and ovarian tissue are frozen for future use. In this research project, it is determined, both in mice and humans, whether it is possible to develop functional and quantitative oocytes from ovarian tissue in vitro, starting from immature follicles. Furthermore, immature oocytes collected during the process of ovarian tissue cryopreservation, are analyzed, following in vitro maturation, for their competency to serve as functional gametes.

We perform a number of quality tests on the in vitro matured oocytes, including calcium imaging, spindle staining, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) followed by embryo development and chromosomal analysis of the subsequent embryos. Furthermore, we are investigating the use of nuclear transfer technology, to overcome poor embryonic development in this group of oocytes. For this purpose, donor oocytes are used as cytoplasmic recipients of the genetic material of in vitro matured oocytes.

Interests: I love reading books. documentaries, TED Talks and travelling.

Zac Hyde

Zac Hyde


My name is Zac Hyde, and I currently work as a neurology resident in a university hospital in the city of Algiers (i.e., the capital of Algeria).

My training in medical school was divided into three phases:

Phase one – The first phase is preclinical, which focuses on teaching students the fundamental sciences of the human body. These include anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc. During this time, we rarely go to the hospital.

Phase two – During the fourth year of medical school, I started doing clinical rotations, where I move from one ward to another every 3–6 weeks. This was the time where we learned most of our clinical skills.

Phase three – The final year of medical school in my country is the internship, which consists of 12 months of clinical training. I trained in four different specialties:

  • OB-GYN
  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiology
  • General surgery

After completing my 7 years of medical training at the University of Algiers 1, I opted for the national exam of residency. I majored in neurology due to my passion for this field ever since I was a medical student. 

Besides medical school, I hold a certificate in the English language delivered by the Headway program in Algeria. I completed the advanced level after two years of education.

Today, I work in a university hospital dealing with various cases in the neurology ward, which can be difficult at some points due to the challenging nature of neurological disorders (e.g., chronic, incurable, suffering patients).

Once I’m home, I like to explore my hobbies, which mainly revolve around writing medical content on my website and for my freelance clients. I also enjoy graphic design and social media marketing. Outside of the digital world, I love music, jogging, cycling, and walking my dog around.

I own a Health & Wellness blog and have published an eBook before. My writing focuses on articles about medicine, fitness, and nutrition-related topics while taking advantage of Social Media Marketing to reach thousands of people. After several years of experience in writing medical blog posts, I feel confident writing about this field.